After Rabbi Katan started the havurah network at Temple Shalom, he called Arlene Turkletaub for program ideas. Her Havurah Committee had collected successful programs from their own havurot and from other networks throughout the country. Every month the Havurah section of her congregation newsletter contained a summary of the best programs.

When Moshe requested samples, she sent him four documents:

  • The Ten Commandments program was one she used with every havurah, to teach the technique of hevruta / bayt midrash learning.

  • The Termination of Pregnancy program had been developed by a havurah that liked to explore ethics within Jewish tradition.

  • The Meaning of Satan in Jewish Scripture was contributed by a havurah that enjoyed studying text.

  • Anger in Jewish Tradition had been submitted by a havurah that chose to explore feelings within a Jewish framework.
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The Ten Comandments
Termination of Pregnancy
Satan in Jewish Scripture
Anger in Jewish Tradition